Our Agency

This agency was born from a passion for Real Estate.

Its founder, Carine Deneux comes from a family passionate about stone : 4 generations of architects on one side and on the other hand his mother, who worked for a notary, then had her own real estate agency and was then a property dealer.

Carine Deneux trained as a lawyer. She wanted to create a real estate agency different from the others. The commercial strategy used is inspired by the techniques used in law firms to best value clients' properties and to defend their prices.
* They are 3 real estate agent in the agency. You will have a single contact. This allows perfect knowledge of the file and provides the best possible information to both the owner and potential buyers or tenants.
*Bella Dn Properties Agency is open Monday to Saturday. If prospective buyers wish to visit on Sunday because that is their only availability, the Agency will adapt to make this possible.
*90% of Bella Dn Properties clients give them exclusive mandate in order to benefit from the best real estate advice.
Are you in western Paris (92, 78, 75) and have a house to sell? an apartment for sale? a commercial premises for sale?
Are you looking for a property, a flat, an office, an apartment or a house in PARIS, SAINT COUD, NEUILLY SUR SEINE, BOULOGNE BILLANCOURT or in the area ? Contact Bella Dn Properties they maybe have what you are looking for.
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